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Scale (Mar 10 - Dec 10, 2017)

"Eye on the Cosmos," Harvard Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017

"Scale' tells the story of how, and what, we measure," Harvard Gazette, 4/18/17

“Scale: A Matter of Perspective” examines how scale stimulates mind, captivates imagination," The Daily Free Press, Boston University, 3/16/17

Radio Contact (Mar 11 - Dec 9, 2016)

When America tuned into the radio, The Harvard Gazette, 11/8/2016

Now on the air: The Women, The Harvard Gazette, 10/28/2016

Panelists Highlight Legacy of Women's Radio Project, The Harvard Crimson, 10/26/2016

Spinning the Radio Dial at Harvard, The Boston Globe, 5/26/2016

Tuning In: The Intersection of Art & Science Through Radio, Leeds Beckett University, Media Centre, 4/21/2016

Before Social Media, Harvard Magazine, May/June 2016

New Harvard Exhibit Narrates the Story of Boston Radio,, 3/10/2016

Exhibit on the Influence of the Radio Opens Friday, The Harvard Crimson, 3/10/2016

Finding Our Way (Feb 13 - Dec 11, 2015)

Body of Knowledge (Mar 6 - Dec 5, 2014)

Body of Knowledge Receives “Great Exhibition” Award,” Warren Anatomical Museum News

"Head of the Class," Harvard Medical School News Online, 11/21/2013

"New Exhibit Explores History and Science of Human Dissection," Harvard Crimson, 3/7/2014

"Exquisite, Disturbing Objects From 500 Years of Human Anatomical Science," WIRED Magazine, 3/10/2014

"Medical curiosities in new Harvard Museums exhibit,", 3/11/2014

"Skull Walking," Harvard Magazine, 3-4/2014

"Bodies of Knowledge," Campus News, Harvard Magazine Online, 3/14/2014

"Body exhibit," Harvard Gazette, 4/24/2014

"Body of Knowledge" Related Events

Time & TIme Again (Mar 6 - Dec 6, 2013)

Calendar of Related Events

"Signs of the Time" from Colloquy, Summer 2013

"Time for a movie!" from The Harvard Gazette, 7/1/2013

"Seen at the Beach," Harvard Magazine, 7-8/2013

"Pages Out of Time," The Harvard Gazette, 5/9/2013

"Bach Embraces Baroque," The Harvard Crimson, 4/17/2013

"Museum Exhibit Dials in On Time," The Harvard Crimson, 3/7/2013

"Time & Time Again" Press Release, 2/2013

GO ASK A.L.I.C.E. (Sep 11 - Dec 20, 2012)

"Alan Turing at 100," The Harvard Gazette, 9/13/2012

"GO ASK A.L.I.C.E" presents a play based on the Turing Test.

"GO ASK A.L.I.C.E.: A Panel Discussion," 11/29/2012

X-Rays of the Soul (Spring 2012)

"What the Rorschach tells us," The Boston Globe, 6/10/2012

"Exhibit Review – X-Rays of the Soul,", 5/13/2012

"X-rays..." Panel Discussion," Science Center 469, Harvard University, 4/23/2012

"You, revealed," The Harvard Gazette, 4/2/2012

Cold War in the Classroom (Sep 30, 2011 - Feb 3, 2012)

"Cold War fever," The Harvard Gazette, 9/30/2011

"Exhibit Showcases Cold War Curricula," The Harvard Crimson, 11/10/2011

Tangible Things (Spring Semester 2011)

These are just a few of their quirkiest things,” The Boston Globe, 3/6/2011

Putting things in their place,” Harvard Gazette, 3/3/2011

“‘Tangible Things’ Refuses to be Classified, Categorized,” The Harvard Crimson, 2/8/2011

Paper Worlds (May 4 - Aug 27, 2010)

"Art, printmaking, and science," Harvard Gazette, 5/21/2010

"Early-modern anatomy prints at Harvard,", 5/26/2010

Patent Republic (May 1 - Dec 11, 2009)

Patent Models on Display at Harvard,” The Patent Librarian’s Notebook, 6/5/2009

Patent Models Record Inventions in Miniature,”, 7/29/2009

History on a Small Scale,” Harvard Gazette, 7/2/2009

Time, Life, & Matter (Ongoing)

"Getting Into Harvard,", 3/8/2009

"Telltale Apparatus," Harvard Magazine, 3-4/2006

"Galileo to cyclotron: History on display," Harvard Gazette, 12/15/2005

"New Gallery Showcases Old Science," The Harvard Crimson, 12/1/2005

IBM ASCC-Harvard Mark I (Ongoing)

"Ghosts of the Past: 5 Places to View Your iPhone's Ancestors," Atlas Obscura, 4/23/2015

"The Queen of Code" web documentary about Grace Hopper., 1/28/2015

"Ghosts in the Machines," Harvard Gazette, 10/1/2014

"Down to The Details, A Giant in Computing History," Harvard Gazette Online, 4/7/2014

 "Mark I, Rebooted," Harvard Magazine Online, 3-4/2014

"Grace Hopper, computing pioneer," Harvard Gazette, 12/3/2014


Radio Contact: Sit'N Listen Podcasts

Solstice Celebration

Sensations of Tone

"Sensations of Tone: Wave Physics and the Creative Arts," Press Release

"Sensations of Tone Explores Physics and Music at Harvard," The Boston Musical Intelligenser, 10/22/2010

"Spectralism Explores Physiology," The Harvard Crimson, 11/2/2010

Transits of Venus

"The Last Dance Between Venus & the Sun," Harvard Gazette, 5/29/2012

"Harvard Celebrates Transit of Venus," The Harvard Crimson, 6/9/2004

Observations of the transit of Venus : December 5 and 6, 1882, made at the Harvard College Observatory, Pickering, Edward C (Edward Charles), 1846-1919; Harvard College Observatory, Digitized From Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, vol. XVIII (n. s., X)

The Transit of Venus: Harvard 18th and 19th Century Student Predictions, Harvard Library