Why give to the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments?


Peter GalisonThe CHSI has been fortunate to count on great Friends over the last decades. Their generosity helped us build this new space we now enjoy, hire full-time museum professionals to care for the collection, and  has resulted in advances for research and education—including our online database available to anyone, anywhere, called Waywiser.

Much more needs to be done. In addition to our day-to-day curatorial management, we have begun an ambitious exhibition and pedagogical program. We believe the CHSI’s collection of scientific instruments offers great learning opportunities to a variety of people, including Faculty, undergrad and grad students, postdocs, visiting scholars, critical media artists, and the wider public. The goal is to create a pedagogical and experimental environment that will encourage the production of object-based knowledge. We envision the end results to include and go beyond exhibitions: art performances, critical film studies, and lecture events to name but a few. Your donation will help us continue to care for the collection, to involve an increasing number of creative minds, and to develop a more open, innovative, and critical understanding of the material culture of science.


With kind regards, 

Peter L. Galison
Faculty Director of the CHSI
Joseph Pellegrino University Professor