Guidelines for Collection Use

Collection Research Advisory

The CHSI will remain closed to in-person research until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Special Lectures & Hands-On Classes

Here are a few guidelines to Lecturers and Faculty professors, from Harvard and other institutions, who would like to organize a special class incorporating the CHSI’s instrument collection, or to encourage student projects using the collection:

  • Please contact the Curator, the Collection Manager, or the Director of Administration at least 4 weeks before the day of the class or assignment. Give us the name, and number of your course, as well as the expected size of the class.
  • Explain briefly the purpose of this special class. In other words, why is it important for the students to see actual instruments? What do you expect they will gain from the experience?
    • What are the instruments you would like to show/demonstrate?

      Consult Waywiser to determine which one(s) you think fit your goals.

      Make an appointment with the Curator to discuss your class visit and select the best objects to be presented (see office hours below).

      Provide us with a copy of the course syllabus.
    • Do the students have a special assignment requiring the use of the collection? If so, please give us a copy of the assignment and an explanation of its purpose. This enables us to be better prepared for your students.
    • Individual students or small groups should make appointments with our Curator, ONLY during her office hours.
    • Students should consult Waywiser before their appointments with the Curator.
  • Instruments WILL NOT be made available if they are only used as props or decorative art pieces during a lecture.
  • Special lectures and hands-on classes can only be conducted during the Curator’s office hours (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: Considering the increasing demands for class demonstrations and lectures, our expanding exhibition program and the regular collection activities, we may not be in a position to undertake all requests. It will likely not be possible to accommodate requests made on short notice.

Academic Group Visits

All inquiries should be submitted to the Director of Administration. Please refer to the Exhibitions page to review the current exhibits on show and the opening hours. Please let us know the goal of the field trip, size and age of the group, and if a guided tour is required.

Curator's Office Hours

Availability for Special Lecture & In-Person Classroom Presentations:
Tuesdays through Thursdays: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Contact List

David P. Wheatland Curator
Dr. Sara Schechner

Collection Manager
Sara Frankel