Syntax of an Astrolabe

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planispheric astrolabeBased on the award-winning masters’ thesis work of architect Francesca Liuni, Syntax of an Astrolabe seeks to demonstrate the use of architecture as a tool for translating the sometimes hidden language of exhibitions. The constructions built for this exhibit offer an alternative methodology for how scientific instruments can be displayed in art and science museums.

A Planispheric Astrolabe (Inv. Number DW0596, Persian, c. 1620) is displayed at the core of Liuni’s architectural investigation. Accompanying the instrument are two large-scale constructions modeling the mathematical geometries that are deeply embedded within the astrolabe. These “exploded scenes” are a way for the visitor to experience a 3D perspective on the geometrically perfect ancient universe that the astrolabe's maker sought to impart.

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May 23 through October, 2017
The Foyer Gallery, Science Center 371