Loan Policy

Download a copy of the CHSI Loan Policy.


The formal loan request described below may be preceded by an informal call and/or visit to the Curator or the Director of Administration. This can often save time and effort in determining what instruments might be appropriate and, especially, available.

All borrowers need to formalize the loan by submitting a written request to the CHSI’s Director of Administration, Jean-François Gauvin. The request should include the following:

  • Name and Official Title of Borrower:
  • Institution:
  • Address:
  • Phone/Fax/Email:
  • Purpose of Loan (research, exhibition, etc.):
  • Title of Exhibition (if applicable):
  • Exhibition Location:
  • Dates of the exhibition:
  • Days and hours exhibition will be open for viewing:
  • Date borrower would like the instruments to be delivered:
  • Loan Period:
  • Objects requested:

The borrower will also need to supply information about the facility, usually by providing us with a complete facility report that includes, among other things, security information and environmental conditions of the room and cases. The borrower is responsible for providing insurance for the object(s) and the insurance certificate needs to be in our hands before the object(s) is/are delivered to them. (NOTE: this is not required for loans on Harvard campus.) The loan will follow this path:

  • Goes to the Director of Administration for general approval and agreement based on unannounced projects he may know about.
  • Goes to the Curator to evaluate the suitability of the object(s) for the exhibition and the value of the object(s) for insurance purposes.
  • Goes finally to the Collection Mannager, who checks for other commitments during the period in question, look for legal restrictions, and evaluate the condition of the object(s).

If the loan is approved, then a Loan Agreement needs to be sent to the borrower, who will sign it and return it to us. The agreement includes a statement that only the CHSI staff may handle the object(s).