It is a pleasure to acknowledge the imaginative and scholarly work that our guest curator, Nimrod Reitman, put into the exhibit, and the close collaboration of faculty curator/historian of psychiatry, Elizabeth Lunbeck.  Their work, even in the face of the global pandemic has offered new insight into the field,  innovating within months as we turned from the physical to the virtual world.  May I also thank David Unger, administrative director of CHSI for his and the CHSI staff’s steady guidance of the show, along with material and moral support for it all through this challenging period; Nicole Terrien has helped throughout the organization of the project; and Michael Kelley has assisted ably with digital distribution.  Here and throughout all our exhibits, the full alliance of the Collection with the Department of History of Science has been absolutely central in shaping its intellectual agenda. Finally, the extraordinary skill of the team led by Janis Sacco and the full team from the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture—from interactive web design to wrangling the myriad objects and texts—is central to all that you have before you.  The exhibit included support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  
We all very much hope that you will enjoy this experiment in image, object, text and the web!  

Peter Galison

Faculty Director 
Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments
Joseph Pellegrino University Professor

Etching of Freud at His Desk
Sigmund Freud at His Desk
Max Pollak (1886–1970)
© Freud Museum London