The Juno Mission to Jupiter: Unraveling the Secrets of a Giant Planet


Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 6:00pm to 7:30pm




Free Public Lecture

Jeremy Bloxham, Mallinckrodt Professor of Geophysics, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences; Dean of Science, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

Jupiter, the largest planet orbiting the sun, remains a profound mystery. In 2011, NASA launched the Juno mission spacecraft to explore the composition, inner structure, origin, and evolution of this giant planet. In July 2016, Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit. Jeremy Bloxham, co-investigator on the Juno mission, will draw on his role in studying Jupiter’s magnetic field and discuss why learning about Jupiter is so relevant to understanding the early history of our solar system and the conditions in which Earth was born.

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